We have a vision to change “Purchase” to “Procurement” and “Cash and Verbal” to “Digital and Documented”. This is how the world has changed and we wish to transform the Indian supply chain of agriculture commodities through our B2B platforms specific to a few of them. Owing to a non-competitive strategy and our methods of operations, we are in a unique position of having both our suppliers and customers as our active partners.

This privileged, highly-effective, and confidential method of operations ensures continual and complete access to the supplies and qualities it requires at the most competitive terms and prices available. Our suppliers are effectively our partners in the difficult and complicated task of originating and marketing.

Our method of working on a non-competing, interactive, and discretionary basis, also provides for very personal, open, and privileged relationships with our customers.

As we go by, we wish to provide the following services to our esteemed customers:

  • Intensive, in-depth knowledge of the markets – the qualities, supplies, availabilities, origination and logistics – ensuring a timely, effective administration and control to suit the customer’s specific requirements.
  • Highly competitive, specialized supply of quality on a FOB/FOR or CIF basis.
  • Full control, monitoring and supervision of supply and quality parameters and logistics at loading.
  • A wide spectrum of alternative pricing mechanisms to suit the client needs and demands.
  • High degree of flexibility and loading options to meet the customers’ freight and shipping parameters.
  • Full quality certification and documentary services specifically tailored to each customer’s differing requirements and exigencies.